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Areas of Expertise


BDEL provided accessibility design services to the award-winning Ottawa International Airport.

BDEL successfully developed an accessibility framework used for the City of Ottawa’s Light Rapid Transit (LRT) projects Trillium Line ($2.1M) and the Confederation Line ($4.7B). The framework guided architects, landscape architects, civil engineers, signage consultants, mechanical engineers and administrative staff of the LRT Consortiums to the specialized accessibility related legislative and technical requirements.

BDEL conducted architectural reviews and prepared recommendations to address the specialized accessible design elements for all aspects of the transportation facilities, including the redesign of platforms, elevators, fire safety, ramps, stairs, washrooms, exterior landscapes, streetscapes and artwork. In addition, design elements for signage and information delivery, particularly wayfinding for individuals who are blind or partially sighted were reviewed and recommendations made to ensure accessibility for all.

In addition, BDEL has periodically provided accessible design services to both Transport Canada and the Canadian Transportation Agency.