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Areas of Expertise

Museums and Art Galleries

BDEL has specialized in the design of inclusive, equitable environments of Museums and Art Galleries, both large and small.
In 2020, the National Gallery of Canada engaged the services of BDEL to conduct an accessibility audit of the Gallery and the Curatorial Wing to prepare to meet the obligations under the Accessible Canada Act.

Assessments and audits were conducted to measure compliance with accessibility legislation, current building codes and standards. BDEL was engaged to identify deficiencies and plan future priorities for the Gallery. In order to be as inclusive as possible, BDEL used several tools including surveys for staff and visitors and conducting staff interviews to inform their report to the Gallery.

In 2016 BDEL provided the City of Ottawa with accessibility consulting services for the Ottawa Art Gallery and Arts Court Redevelopment including the review of architectural drawings at all key milestones and recommending Universal Design and inclusive solutions to welcome everyone to the Ottawa Art Gallery.

Other museums and galleries include the Vancouver Contemporary Art Gallery, the National Museum of Nature, galleries in the new City of Ottawa Main Public Library and Archives Canada Super Library, the Bank of Canada Museum.