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Areas of Expertise

Emergency Egress and Fire and Life Safety for Persons with Disabilities

Betty Dion has been a strong advocate for equitable fire and life safety. She is currently the Chairperson of Accessibility Standards Canada’s Technical Committee on Emergency Egress charged with developing a standard ensuring safe and accessible evacuation from buildings for people with disabilities.

Betty is also the author of numerous publications on disaster risk reduction:

  • UNESCO - Guidelines on Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction: Early Warning and Broadcasting
  • Fire and Life Safety for Persons with Disabilities Kit - 7 publications
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  • Government of Canada
  • Planning for Safety: Evacuating people who need assistance in an emergency – A guide for building managers and occupants

With a combination of consumer participation, an international perspective and professional architectural expertise in accessibility and fire and life safety, BDEL provides an exceptional team approach. BDEL offers service in English, French and American Sign Language.